Elise was born and educated in central Scotland and studied art to Higher level at school. However, a maths degree followed by a career in Finance took her to London for 16 years. She moved with her family and three young children to Dunblane in 2004 and soon after resumed her work as an artist.

Elise’s paintings are vivid representations of the countryside, celebrating blue skies, bright seas and colourful flowers. She is particularly inspired by coastal views and many of her paintings are seascapes, but she thrives on variety and will also paint flowers, gardens, landscapes and the occasional portrait or figurative piece. Acrylic is her usual medium but she also uses oils and coloured pencils from time to time.

Living and working in Dunblane, she takes advantage of her central location to travel to the western isles, Fife and north of Scotland to seek out inspiration for new paintings of Scottish scenes. In her years “down south” she became a regular visitor to East Sussex and returns when she can to enjoy and paint the expansive coastlines, white cliffs and historic buildings of that part of the country.

She has shown at galleries round Scotland and also has her own established website and online gallery.

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